Health + Safety Plan

Your Safety is our Priority

The devastation caused by the colonialvirus, also known as COVID-19, to the African community has been staggering. The number of confirmed cases among Africans has been disproportionately high and, according to the Centers for Disease Control, black people in the U.S. are nearly twice as likely to die from COVID-19.

The Uhuru Movement has referred to the virus as the “colonial virus” and declared that COVID-19 is not a medical problem. It is a political problem. The cure is self-determination and political and economic power. The OAON Farmers Market is designed to bring genuine economic and political power to the black community of North St. Louis by controlling food production and ending food apartheid. The standards we’ve implemented to address the colonial-virus is part of our quest for self-determination.

Market Guidelines

  • All vendors and staff must wear protective face coverings, ensure regular and proper hand washing.

  • Vendors have the option to select and serve their produce and products or to allow customers to select their own produce. 

  • Surfaces and ‘high touch’ items such as tables, POS terminals, cash boxes, etc. will be sanitized regularly.

  • OAON market staff will be assigned to conduct regular and ongoing checks for handwashing stations, proper bleach solutions, and sanitizing supplies in addition to our regular food safety controls.

Social Distancing

  • Modified layouts of the vendor booths will allow for necessary distance.

  • The OAON market has a single entrance to control shopper capacity and foot traffic.

  • Seniors, People experiencing mobility difficulties, people requiring ADA accessibility, and pregnant people, please bypass the line, we are happy to let you in ASAP!

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at Market Manager tents, with multiple hot water, public hand washing stations available in the markets.